Saturday, October 29, 2016

Basement Bathroom Ideas - Version 1

All week I've been pinning on Pinterest like a madwoman looking for the BEST and most COST EFFICIENT option for the new bathroom in the basement.

Here's my current favorites: 

Two vanity options -- both are more than I had expected to spend, so David and I will be making a few trips to some area stores to check out what's REALLY out there (and not just online).

We really like this wood-effect tile (bottom left) that we're seeing everywhere, and it's inexpensive! I'm also a sucker from the green/blue subway tile. This one is ceramic, but I also like the idea of glass tile for the extra shine. The white hex tile on the right is a second inexpensive floor tile, that could be used on the wall, too.

So many choices out there! How will I ever choose?!

For more stuff that I like, check out my Basement Please Pinterest board.

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