Friday, October 21, 2016

The Basement Project is a GO!

While I was away I was also emailing with our chosen contractor on the last few details of the basement project. We're finishing the unfinished basement!

To catch you up, we weeded out the contractors we didn't like or had a HUGE price tag and decided to go with the guy who built our deck. His proposal was good and he was willing to work with us on price.

I met with him yesterday, approved the proposal and hit the GREEN LIGHT to get this puppy started! He's going to redraw up the plans based on some changes we made and get to the city permits office to get that ball rolling.

So exciting!

Here's the second, but not final, version of the floor plan:


  • We're adding a bathroom with a shower. This was a deal-breaker for my hubby since we are also adding a bedroom. There was NO rough-in for a bathroom so a large part of the budget is being spent on a plumber to add the necessary utilities. The bathroom is in this location because it's close to the ejector pit and other pipes -- making it as low cost as we could get it. 
  • We are adding a bedroom! There's an egress window in this areas, so it was a easy decision to place the bedroom there. It's going to have a HUGE closet. 
  • There's an unfinished space around the furnace and water heater. We'll use it to store all the holiday decorations, suitcases, etc. 
  • The HEART represents Phase 3 of the project -- which will be to add pretty cabinets to the wall. Maybe next year? In the meantime, the electrician will be placing the outlets at counter height. 
  • The large room will be divided into workout area (near the "!"), ping-pong table and the TV/movie/football area in that back corner (represented by the "X"). 
Now that we've given the green light, there are a LOT of decisions that need to be made quickly -- especially in the bathroom. And I'd like to start deciding on color schemes for the whole space. Mood boards coming soon! 

But first, I need to clean out the space -- donate all that unused junk, trash all that I can and re-box anything we want to keep. This will keep me busy for the weeks we're waiting for the permit. 

Lots and lots more posts coming about this huge project. 

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