Friday, October 28, 2016

And Most Importantly ... The Spanish Food!

I've told you about my favorite spots in Tenerife and shared the two-day itinerary of Madrid, so let's now get to the important stuff ... THE FOOD! 

Our first meal in Madrid: Tortilla Espanola on fresh bread with Cafe con Leche. 
This Got Us Out There! 
 We ate lunch in Plaza Mayor ... which I KNOW is a faux pas, but we just wanted the views. And the ham. We got both. We were happy.
Jamon Iberico -- Worth the Price of the Flight. 
After sleeping through our hotel-provided breakfast the second day in Madrid, we hit the streets and found this little cafe near Plaza de Espana.
Faborit Breakfast - a Mini Banana Muffin, Yogurt with Fruit and ... yes! Cafe Con Leche!
In Tenerife, we had been walking around for a few hours and needed a bite. Glorious ham, manchego cheese and bread are almost always on the menu -- even at a tiny plaza cafe.
Manchego Cheese and Jamon! 
Seaside in Puerto, we dined on veggie pizza (surprisingly good), croquettas, a fish called La Vieja (translates to Old Woman) and wrinkled potatoes, which are how Canarians eat them.
Not Shown, The Incredible View of the Ocean.  
One lunch, we went up in to the mountains near Las Gigantes. The local food was more meat and less seafood ...
Rabbit and a Pork Chop
Goat with French Fries
Canarian Soup and Garbanzo Bean Soup We All Loved the Best
Here's a fun dish ... some of these peppers are spicy, some are not. You eat them and test your luck. Crazy!
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 The lunch in the seaside town of San Andres was my favorite! This dish, called Pulpo a la Gallega, was clear favorite and we'd order it whenever it was on the menu.
Pulpo a la Gallega (Octopus With Potatoes) 
We asked for fresh-caught fish and the waiter kept saying Salma, but it sounded to us like Salmon. No way there's fresh salmon off the coast of Africa, buddy! He spelled it. And then he brought us a plate of it. Yummy!
Fish Called Salma
 Can't go to Spain without getting a Paella! This one had clams, muscles and squid.
Perfect Paella
A late dinner one night in Santa Cruz at a place that didn't look that great, but the food was amazing. And the Tenerife soccer team was on! I didn't get a picture of the croquettas, because they were devoured, but I did get the sea food. 
Camarones! They're Little Shrimp. 

Fresh Muscles - Drizzled with Lemon
What?! You don't take pictures of food while on vacation?! Well, you really should. How else are you going to remember all the yummy, fresh food you ate? Besides, Spain is known for its food and you can't get it anywhere NEAR as good in the U.S. So, I'll be drooling over these pictures until my next trip. 

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