Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Madrid in Two Days - The Master Plan

How do you do a major European city in just two days?

Well, it helps if you've been there before ... which I have. And if you pick a hotel that's in a good location. Which we were fortunate enough to do.

My Madrid (without kids) trip is just around the corner, so I spent the morning coming up with a game plan. Do I stick to my schedules when traveling? Not necessarily. But with a group of four ladies, it certainly helps to plan out the day and make democratic adjustments in the moment. I can almost guarantee I over-planned our first day and jet lag will get the better of us. Just hoping we can power through it.

Madrid is only the first part of the trip. After the two-day marathon of activities I've planned (*evil laugh*) we had down to Tenerife for family and beach time. That part will be way more chilled out.

Once the itinerary is finished off and sent to my travel companions, I'm off for Phase 2 of packing for a long trip.

Scheming and Scheduling

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