Thursday, January 19, 2017

Cabinets Need a Color

Now that I have my wall of cabinets in the basement -- all unfinished Ikea pine -- how do I want them to look?

This is a question I've been mulling over for weeks now. I know, from past experience, I'd prefer not to paint them. Even though they are pine, I'd still like to see the grain texture and not hide them behind a color. I have two pine dressers we bought from Ikea a decade ago that we painted (first grey and now multicolor for Alice's room) and I've always regretted it. So stain it is.

Stain Board for Cabinets
Clearly, I'm thinking more green/grey color. I'd like to stay away from the reds and tone down the inherent yellow in the pine because it looks brassy against the greige walls. (And clearly I'm into making these little graphics these days.)

I did some research and found both Minwax and Cabot make transparent stains in a bunch of colors. And I would like a pop of color, some color, on these cabinets because they're a real accent in my basement. Once done, they will be styled out with photos and family mementos along the top and a DIY picture ledge above with even more pictures and framed art.

I may venture out to Ace this week to check out those gray tones. It looks like my best option right now. Wish me luck!

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