Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Basement Project Complete!

A few days after Christmas, our town permit guys came by and made the basement project officially complete!! With all of us home for the holiday, we had lots of time to move in and make the space exactly what we've been envisioning since we finalized the layout.

More posts to come with the four different spaces, things I learned and details on resources, but in the meantime, here is a pretty BEFORE and AFTER photo.

This is the angle of back to the wall, looking at the stairs and the "looong" part of the basement. You can see the ping-pong table and the set of mats we planned to keep around.
Before: Looking at the Bottom of the Stairs
The After picture shows how they covered the ceiling duct work and the cut out we did along the stairs. We were afraid the walls would make this long room look narrow, but it doesn't look like we lost much space. I also made the decision to make the wall along the stairs straight, instead of cutting into the storage room, which is on the other side of the right wall. I'm glad I did, because the continuous wall looks tidy.
After: The Long Room Ends With the TV Wall. 
I had asked for a very bright space so the kids wouldn't be scared to come down here and play. Mission accomplished there. This space is broken into three different light "zones" and most have dimmers, so we can alter lights if there's a movie going or a game of ping-pong. Lastly, all the lights in this room can be turned off at the bottom of the stairs, too.

Here's the Before/After in one image:

That's pretty cool! More to come!

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