Friday, January 6, 2017

Really Good Avocado Hummus

Due to some pretty heinous past experiences, I approach recipes mined from Pinterest with extreme caution. They're much less reliable than recipes from trusted cookbooks that have been copyedited and kitchen-tested by various cooks and editors.

But I've been looking for some kitchen inspiration as I attempt dinners that the girls will eat, and are also high in veggies and beans (I'm introducing other protein sources to go meatless more often).

Last night I got lucky with this recipe from the Cooking Classy blog. It's her Avocado Hummus and it was pretty delicious. I didn't make any variations on the recipe, but I will warn you a little garlic goes a LONG way.
Avocado Hummus Recipe Here.
The only drawback is because of the two avocados, it gets brown pretty quickly (despite the lime). It's not something you can store in your fridge for a few days like regular hummus.

Did the kids eat it? Sadly, no. But Dave and I enjoyed it along with chicken, feta and a little Naan bread.

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