Monday, May 22, 2017

Front Porch Project - Paint Concrete?

On a recent trip to Michael's I spotted all the tools I'd need to stencil a design on the concrete floor of our porch. I've seen a few examples on Pinterest and they are super rad.

The stencil and paint would cost around $50, with an additional $20 for the brushes and other tools I may not have in the house. And it would be an impressive DIY project that any guest would see as they were entering the house. 

But ... I can purchase an actual outdoor rug for that price, so there's not much of a cost-savings in doing the project. And I have doubts on how long it would last. What would it look like next year? Will it just power-wash right off?

Though ... an interesting, creative option. 
Pretty Stencils, Though Maybe Too Small

Exterior Paint

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