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Front Porch Makeover - Before

The other big project I'm tackling this Spring (can it be even called Spring if it's in the 40s?!?) is the front porch. It's forgotten because it's not used. But it's seen by anyone who comes over. So I want it to look clean and welcoming.

Here's the Front Porch To Do List:
  • Power wash the whole thing until it shines like the top of the Chrysler Building! Ok, but maybe  just looks clean. 
  • Recover the cushions on the sofa that we've had for almost ten years. The orangey-red is dirty and washed out. 
  • Paint shutters and front door a gorgeous navy blue. I've started looking at products because those shutters are aluminum. And there's four more shutters on the second four windows, so someone will be dangling out the windows sometime this summer to paint those. (Not it!) 
  • Come up with something creative for the floor in the "living" area. 
  • Hang plants, maybe ferns, from the ceiling to give it a Southern hospitality vibe and block the view of my neighbors house. 
  • Maybe rearrange the furniture. I'd love to get something woody in here to warm it up a bit. Maybe something else to look at the salvage place. 
And these are the (not so pretty) Before photos:
That Palm Carpet Needs to Go! And How Many Chairs Do I Need Here?
The New Blue Carpet and Navy Planters Look Awesome.
You Can Also See the Pansies And Ferns I Found on Sale.
I've started doing some research and Pinning porch ideas (Painting concrete, anyone?), so lots more to follow on this project.

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Of course I wanted to hang them in our home when we returned.

The electrician we worked with in our bathroom said we'd need new hardware, as European electric standards are different than the U.S. They recommended these pendants that fit perfectly in the shades. And the electrician spent is last hour here hanging these three lights.

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