Thursday, May 18, 2017

Super Deck is Sealed!

In Progress: The Deck Getting Sealed
Originally, this was going to be long post about waiting weeks for my window to seal our new deck, having to halt on Monday when a freak thunderstorm jumped on the forecast. Then going for it Wednesday morning only to realize another Spring storm was going to pass through that night.

It was a long post.

But here's the upshot. I sealed it. It was super-easy and fast. It dried for about 12 hours before it was rained on. Not ideal but that's life. The good news is it looks like it held up just fine.

And now the deck is a pretty color and sealed to constant Spring rain storms that haven't stopped.  And it was a super-easy project to sneak in among the Fireplace Project.

Check that off the Spring to-do list!

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The After-Pic of Super Deck

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