Monday, July 31, 2017

Saratoga and Alice Time

Every summer for the past five or so years we've spent time in the Berkshires at the summer camp my sister and her husband run. (Click here to see it.) And every year I'm reminded of how much I love this place. Western Massachusetts is just so lovely, with winding roads and hidden-away places. It's worth a visit if you've never been.

This year, after we dropped Leah off for her week as a camper, Alice and I toured Saratoga Springs and thereabouts. This is a special week for us because it's just all about what Alice (at age 8) and I like to do.

We toured the Museum of Dance and Hall of Fame, ate at some great little places, found a little beach and even enjoyed an indoor climbing wall during the two rainy afternoons. We saw a movie (The Emoji Movie, don't rush to see it) and treated ourselves to a sugary snack, which we never do.

Alice is almost old enough to attend my sister's camp, so these summer weeks with just the two of us will come to an end ... maybe as soon as next summer, if she's ready.

I'm OK with that. Just as long as I get to go to camp, too.

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