Monday, July 11, 2016

My Happy Place!

Pictures of one of my favorite places on the Earth ... before I bore you with the story of where, what and how ...

Larkin Lake in the Morning. Ready for Campers. 
The Woods Outside Our Cabin.
One of my favorite places in the entire world is a camp my sister and her husband run in the lovely Berkshire hills of Massachusetts. It was a camp in the hey-day of camps, then fell completely neglected and reclaimed by the woods there. Until the camp owner swooped in and invested lots of cash into building it back up again ... and wisely hired my sister and brother-in-law to run it.

We started visiting in the early years during Labor Day weekend, when the camp was still being refurbished and the program was just building up. Over the three (or was it four?) years that we visited it quickly became my favorite vacation spot. I never went to a sleep-away camp like this, so I indulge my inner 10-year-old. We'd sleep in cabins, eat in the dining hall, play in the Playhouse and lake. And we had it all to ourselves. Just the family and select friends meeting up on trails, fishing off the dock. Reading on the deck of the staff house. Perfect.

Okay, so maybe it indulged my introvert side not to have to be around strangers for a whole long weekend, too.

Anyway, the camp got busy and successful and we lost our Labor Day weekend spot to a group that actually PAID to be there. Fine. The camp needs the profit to continue its growth. But I miss my time there.

Therefore, I was DELIGHTED when Leah was finally old enough to actually ATTEND camp as a camper this year. I was all too thrilled to bring her. I even got special permission to hang out the last two days, avoiding Leah (as how embarrassing to have your mother show up to camp!) and playing with my sweet niece and nephew.

Walking around with Alice and the little kiddos, seeing the campers speed by and complain about the hill to the soccer fields (the horror!) and coming around the corner to see my sister or husband standing there just reminded me how special and lovely this place is.

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