Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Three Trips in Three Weeks: A Peek in My Carry-On Bag

As previously posted, I had three very different trips in the last three weeks. And because I take such care (probably too much) in what I pack in my carry-on bag, I snapped pictures of the contents from all three of those trips just to see the differences. Nerdy Fun!

Trip 1. Business Trip to Denver
Denver Business Trip
Trip Summary: A business trip for a tech conference, and fortunately, time with my little sister who lives there. 
Contents of My Carry-on: The usual hand sanitizer, Advil, sunblock, Altoids (for post-flight freshening-up), my miraculous S'well bottle (empty until I cross security), assorted snacks, a variety of reading material, sunglasses and my Cath Kidston bag that folds down to nothing.  
Carry-On MVP: My Kindle; I finished "Places No One Knows" during the 2 hour flight. The headphones because I downloaded mellow white noise to have playing in the background while I read -- most soothing. 
Carry-On Loser: That magazine went completely untouched the entire trip. And I didn't pack an adaptor to charge my phone -- total rookie mistake. 

Trip 2: Massachusetts with the Kids
Flying With Kids Essentials
Trip Summary: Bringing Leah and a friend to soccer camp. And a Massachusetts road trip with Alice to visit friends near Boston while there. 
Contents of My Carry-on: The usual suspects, with additional headphones, chargers, colored pens, and tissues. The girls have their own carry-ons, so mine just covers the just-in-cases. Also, those ninjas were for emergency diversions. I didn't need them. 
Carry-On MVP: The wet-wipes were a total winner for sticky fingers and a major ice cream spill in the rental car. 
Carry-On Loser: I packed more snacks than needed. I didn't touch my iPad. 

Trip 3: Las Vegas Weekend With My Husband
Grown-Up Weekend in Vegas
Trip Summary: Celebrating a friend's birthday and cheering on our poker player friend there for the tournaments. I had very little time (from 9pm to 6am) in-between trips #2 and #3 (yikes!), so I kept it simple.
Contents of My Carry-on: I downgraded my carry-on to a purse, so contents were also minimized. Sunglasses, my notebook, Kindle and little bag of adaptors and headphones.
Carry-On MVP: The S'Well bottle, because on the flight to Las Vegas I was hit by a wave of nausea and a horrible migraine. Blah! On the way home, I watched two movies on my iPad (not pictured because it was plugged in) which made the 4-flight trip fly by. 
Carry-On Loser: Kindle; I didn't read much in Vegas (does anyone?). Also, we forgot the sunblock and had to buy some in the hotel gift shop -- for a whooping $17!

Yes, so I completely overthink these carry-ons, especially when I consider what gets used and what doesn't. But I think of them as my survival packs while I'm away from my house. I want to be ready for any and all events. And, they're a fun snapshot into the trips. 

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