Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Ask Me a Question!

Two Inquisitive Girls
I get asked a lot of inquisitive, thoughtful questions by my girls. Questions that range from personal stories to prehistoric history. It's like being followed around by surprise pop-quizzers. You never know what's in their heads.

If I had know they were going to show such an interest in their birthdays, I would have documented the day better. And how I picked their names; they love "I took one look at you and thought you looked like a Leah." And "I wanted to name you Beatrice but your dad, Auntie Liza and Auntie Kiki put their foot down." At this point, Dave chimes in "your welcome."

Alice has a lot of questions about growing old and what happens when your face "gets all squishy." Will my face get all squishy? Will her's?

Then there are questions that come out if left field. This morning while snuggling with Alice, she sighed deeply and asked about the dinosaurs. "Where are they now? Where did they go?" Um. I told her we'd look it up in a book, and then asked what she wanted for breakfast.

I'm not complaining. I like the questions and trying to explain complicated ideas in elementary-school terms. And it makes for good conversations. "Good question, what do you think dolphins eat?" "After winter comes spring, then summer and fall and winter again." "Like a circle!" they say.

And if I give the wrong answer every now and than (for example, I couldn't remember how to say "plum" in Spanish, so I guessed), they'll never know. 

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