Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Halloween Lights Project -- For Free!

I'm hosting a big Halloween party this year (more on that later) and using it as an excuse to get crazy crafty. So, you've seen the owl wings. Here's another little upcycling project that cost me ZERO dollars.

1. Start with salsa and pickle jars -- that I've been collecting for the last few weeks. (We eat a lot of salsa.)
Start With Glass Jars

2. Paint them with a base color. I choose acrylic paint from the kids' craft set, in white and green. Let them dry completely. (In some of the ideas I saw on Pinterest they glued crepe paper to the jars, as another option.)

First Coat Done

3. Paint ghostly and Frankenstein faces on the glasses, drop candles inside and ... viola! ... Halloween luminaries! 

Done - Ghostly and Free! 

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