Thursday, March 6, 2014

Our Weekend in the Sun

If you have a family member who lives in a warm-weather destination -- or the means to travel to one -- always, always book a trip in February to said location.

In January I booked a trip to visit my big sister in Florida for the end of February, knowing how much I loath that month. I packed up my girls (poorly -- where are all the shorts?), kissed the husband and dog goodbye and jumped a flight south.

What a difference 2 hours on a plane and 4 days in the sun makes! We returned sunburned, refreshed and ready for the never-ending end of winter.

And I got to spend a fun-filled weekend with my favorite big sister and my hilariously adorable nieces. Four kids under 7 and only two Moms? Nooooo problem. Nothing stopped us from venturing out to the beach, a pizza place and Legoland! Plus, an afternoon of just sister time getting pedis, antiquing and lunch. Perfection!

So Funny That Leah Was the BIG Girl for the Weekend!

Yeah, I Forgot Ample Sunscreen. We Burned. We're Over It. 

I Have a Huge Soft Spot For This Lovely Girl

Homeward Bound!

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