Friday, March 14, 2014

Kitchen Ledge Clean-Up -- It's About Time

When we first looked at this house I remember standing at the kitchen sink, imagining myself doing dishes and watching the girls play in the backyard. Then, I noticed the windowsill over the sink, at the cracked beige paint that was peeling away, oh no!

"The first thing I'll do in this house is fix up that window sill!" I thought. And it went on a list.

Two and a half years later ... I finally fixed it!

Last weekend, I scrapped the paint off, used some nontoxic stripper and scrapped again. Then I sanded down what remained. Most of this done at night, while watching "Catching Fire." (Which was an awesome movie!)  

During: The Window Will 
The next day I painted it BRIGHT WHITE ... the first white windowsill in the house! That's one down, 16 to go! And it looks fantastic and clean. 

After: A Cleaned-up Window Sill
Now, I just need to push the girls out to play.

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