Wednesday, September 17, 2014

So Long Office Lunchroom

My office has gone ahead and replaced their awesome full-service cafeteria -- once resplendent with a salad bar and grill -- with an automated 7-11 store. Yes, I now have kiosks with processed foods and meals made in a factory at my convenience, all day long. And no one works the kiosks, so I would just punch in my food choices and pay the machine.

We went from real people making real food, to machines.

Is this the future?

Sure, I get that it's going to save the company money. The office population is small and I'm sure couldn't justify having a kitchen staff of five. But I will miss my salad bar. And the yummy turkey burger I got on soccer practice days -- when extra protein was needed.

Not to mention the real milk for my coffee and the real utensils for my yogurt and lunch.

In response, my mornings will now include a lunch packed for Mom, as well as Leah. Because this girl doesn't eat processed food (or as little of it that I can get away with -- I mean, try to take away my peanut butter cups. TRY!) And, of course, I'll still bring my homemade yogurt/fruit cups.

Here's this morning's inaugural box:

Leftover Frittata (feature green beans and spinach -- a little cheese on top),
a Pear Granola Muffin and Peanut Butter Cups

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