Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Currently Crushing On Outlander

Geez! It took me long enough to clear out some time to watch the Outlander series on Starz. And OH BOY am I glad that I did.

I knew this show was going to be right in my wheelhouse. History? Check. Pretty dresses? Yes. Romance? Oh yes. Handsome boy? Check! And he's in a kilt! And often shirtless! And with a thick Scottish accent! Does it get friggin better?!

Claire, the main character, is growing on me. She's no damsel in distress, which is excellently refreshing. She yells and heads people and knocks out attackers with a chair. She takes care of herself. And she wears thick knit scarves and fingerless gloves, so now all I want to do is knit chunky accessories.

The only drawback is I can't understand some of the dialogue because of the Scottish accents. They slip into Gaelic and back to English while I'm lost drinking in scenery or longing looks. But it's moving slow, so I'm not missing any big plot points (I don't think).

I'm already on episode 5 of the first season. And pine for the next time I can watch again. So much for reading or doing the dishes! Oh well, binge watching is just like that.

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