Monday, October 13, 2014

So Long Furniture ...

I remember looking at my mother's furniture as a kid, dark wood and grown up, and thinking that when I had my own house, I was going to buy bright and pretty furniture. Yet, somehow, I ended up with a bunch very dark furniture. 

These things happen. 

On a whim, I tossed up two pieces of furniture on Craig's List this week. Things we had bought for the old house and didn't really fit in here. 

And Ah! They sold!

So goodbye console table, that lacked closed storage and was to deep for the foyer ....

Console Table
Goodbye adorable, little bench. We never found baskets that fit perfectly in the cubbies, but you fit nicely by the front door in our house in New Jersey. Too bad we never found a place for you here. Good luck! 

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