Saturday, January 3, 2015

Laundry Room Reorg: The Saga Continues

Hours after getting home from our relaxing winter break trip, I decided I absolutely needed a paint brush in my hand. I mean, it's been weeks since I painted any walls -- and I get a little crazy when I can't improve my surroundings. Don't you?

Anyway, I looked at my laundry room and decided that it was a bite-sized project I could easily tackle in our last weekend of winter break.

Before the Paint. And Look at Those Messy Shelves. The Horror. 
So, first, I finished the aqua paint around the window.

Next, we removed the collapsable drying rack -- why? Because it's collapsable and that's what it kept doing; Collapsing. Tres annoying. We found wall-mounted drying racks at the Container Store and installed those.

Last, I shuffled, moved and ordered the supplies on all the shelves so they're better organized and used. There's nothing I hate more than good shelving going to waste.

At the End of Day 1. Note the Collapsable Drying Rack. No!
I walked around the house collecting all the bins that currently didn't have a purpose. I also pulled out my Martha Stewart chalk stickers so I could label everything. Is that going to far?

Anyway, the end result looks far more organized than when we started. Everything has its place and the fresh coat of paint always cheers up a space.
After Pic: We Got Two Racks that Fold Up Against the Wall. LOVE Them.
There's a weird closet in this laundry room. We removed the closet's bifold door almost as soon as we moved in. And since, we've used it for Benny's crate, where he sleeps during the day when we're all at school/work. It's right above the furnace, so stays pretty toasty for him. For the upgrade, we added that white shelf. We removed it for the shoe project (remember that?) on the other wall, so it just needed a new home. It's holding the bin with all the dog stuff -- leashes, extra treats, his comb. You know, dog stuff. He's pretty excited.

Benny's Closet Got Upgraded With a New (Old) Shelf.
This little closet might be next thing I paint. But do I continue the aqua? To be continued.

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