Thursday, January 22, 2015

Our New Dishwasher is a Hit!

After the holidays we decided we just couldn't take the dishwasher only doing half of its job. We don't blame it, it's likely the same age of the kitchen -- so maybe 12 years old. That's pretty old for a dishwasher. She just needed to be put out to pasture.

The New Dishwasher - Hardest Working
Appliance in Our Kitchen
We did some research and found good reviews on the Bosch brand. By chance, my sister has a Bosch so I got to use it over Christmas. It didn't take long to settle on the right model and set the installation date.


It does clean mighty fine. Even peanut butter is no challenge for her (though, we are pre-rinsers, so not a lot of PB makes it in there, I promise).

And it's soooo quiet. We usually run it in the evenings, and with the old one, we'd need to turn up the TV volume to compete with the running water/motor sound. This one, there's a light whoosh sound occasionally, but you'd need to be standing next to it to hear it. That's just amazing.

There's a red indicator light on the floor that tells you it's running because otherwise, you just might not know.

But I will say it's been a challenge to figure out the optimal dish placement strategy. With the old machine, we got to a point where every dish had a strategic place. It's going to take some time with this new one.

But, we fill it EVERY SINGLE frigging day, so there's plenty of practice to get it right.

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