Thursday, January 15, 2015

The Dining Room Gets New Windows - BEFORE

Ok, maybe you're tired of gross before-new-windows images but today is BIG, and this is the last set of new windows for awhile. So, let's grin and bear it together.

This window is actually four windows puzzled together and it's not only a focal point of the room, but offers a pretty view of our backyard. This summer I planted hydrangea below the window, so one day, we'll see the blooms while dining. Maybe. Anyway, the current windows are old, and crappy. They are bowed-out a bit, there's water damage, and the right side doesn't close tight anymore -- which you can feel if there's a breeze or when insects enter the house. Fun!

The Dining Room and the View of White Outside
And now for the gross closeups:

Here's Where the Crappy Windows are Pulling Away from the Sill

Here's Where the Crappy Windows Don't Close and Water is Damaging the Wood and Likely the Wall

Yup! You get the idea. After pictures coming soon ... 

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