Monday, January 12, 2015

My Entryway Finds Balance

Saturday morning I finished off painting and adding hooks to the right side of the entry hall. And I feel all balanced out again.

And the more I paint white, the more excited I am to see this whole room gleaming white!

Oh! That Door Looks Awful! More Trim Color STAT!
What's left in this entryway, you ask? Well ... 

1. The remaining (very tall) walls needs to be painted Polar Bear white. This is a professional task, as it requires scaffolding and I don't DO heights. Estimates are pending. 

2. The remaining trim needs to be whitened, including that horrible door. That's an ongoing project.

3. The picture ledge above the right side will need to be installed at some point to match the other side. Might run it over the office door, as well. If I'm feeling crazy. 

4. I need to figure out something creative to do above the door. The funny circles that are there now are temporary. And goofy. 

5. A long bench needs to replace that tiny yellow guy. He's doing an admirable job, but he's just not the right scale for this very long entry. He'll retire into the dining room once he's relieved of this position.

6. After that's all done, we'll do any finishing touches to keep the foyer warm and functional. As it's the first room visitors enter, I like the WOW factor of all that gleaming trim work... and practicality of my beloved hooks. 

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