Friday, March 13, 2015

Ode to My Boots

As I sit here, the snow if melting and the sun in shining ... I'm starting to have visions of spring. I hate winter, so I'm not too sad to see it go.

However, I am sad to put away my most favorite thing about winter ... these boots.

Last fall, I started shopping for boots to get me through the dreary winter months and found two that I loved on Zappos. I sent links and sizes to my husband for easy Hanukkah shopping. (See? I'm a good wife.) I didn't know WHICH I'd get, but I would have been happy with either.

I got these lovely Sorels in a wine and grey color.

I wore them EVERYWHERE this winter. They looked awesome with my skinny jeans, and great with tights. I could wear them with or without socks. I even brought them to San Diego over Christmas and wore them in the morning and evenings when the temps dipped.

And they got compliments everywhere I went. Ugg boots, you see them everywhere. But these Sorels are unique and practical.

I won't miss the biting cold or the layers of clothes, but I will miss these lovely ladies. And I won't pack them too far away in the closet once the temps actually jump... just in case.

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