Thursday, March 12, 2015

Spring in My Basement

My basement (unfinished, thankfully) flooded a little bit this week. Mostly because large amounts of snow is finally melting but also because my sump pump is old and wheezy. And also because there are FROGS in my sump pump. FROGS IN MY SUMP PUMP.

So many questions: Where did they come from? How long have they been there? How many of them are there? Will they emerge and play with the Legos?

Of course I did the only normal thing TO do when faced with slimy possibly-somewhat-hibernating frogs; I asked my 14-year-old neighbor/dog-walker to fish them out of my sump pump. I GAVE HER GLOVES, geez. And I unplugged the sump pump. I'm not a monster.

But she's a better dog walker than a frog catcher -- or the frogs are just super-crafty -- and she caught NONE of them. So I promptly fired her; from frog catching. She can have my dog.

So there are still frogs in my sump pump well. But I'm able to unclog the pump enough to empty it out and not pour more snowy water into my basement. And the water and wet area rugs are getting cleaned up/dried out.

That's life on the prairie, folks.

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