Friday, July 29, 2016

A Nonfiction Break - Exploring the Podcasts

Lately I've been feeling a little in the clouds. And I realized it might because I'm starved to learn something new. Is it a summer thing?

Maybe because I've been reading too much fiction. Or spending too much time on news events. Election years can be so draining.

I've been thinking about spending a bit more time in nonfiction land, so starting today I'm taking a break from the audiobooks I usually enjoy on my commutes to and from the office and listening to some informative podcasts.

Once I started to dig into all the podcasts available, I was astounded by the amount out there. Hundreds! I thought podcasting was going the way of the dodo but, not so! Alive and well!

Here's what I pulled:
As you can see, I looked for nonfiction podcasts in areas that interest me like HISTORY, DECORATING and CREATIVITY. And avoided current events and pop culture as much as possible. I get enough of that from other sources. 

Review are soon to come. 

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