Friday, July 22, 2016

A Story About Cherry Pie

I used to make pies in my 20s. Not great pies, but I got almost confident in my skills. Then, I didn't make a pie for a long time.

With my father-in-law, a huge cherry pie fan, coming to town, it just felt like the right time to pull out my pie skills and see what I can still do.

Not to mention I had a TON of sweet cherries from the CSA in my fridge.

First, it was all about pitting. And I used my tried and true technique of popping pits out with a ... paperclip! Fancy gadgets abound.

Pitting Cherries
Ok, so things got a little dicey with the crust. I made it a few days ahead of time and tossed it into the fridge. But when I attempted to roll it out, it didn't exactly hold together. 

Pre-Baked Crust. No, I Didn't Use That Avocado In the Pie. 
So, it wasn't going to look beautiful! But how about the taste? Baked to golden-brown-ness, it was sweet and very good. And, best of all, my father-in-law loved it. 
Ready to Slice! 
So maybe I won't wait so long to bake another pie. Thanksgiving is just around the corner, right?

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