Monday, September 26, 2016

Officially Roommates

For months, and maybe even since Christmas, the girls have been sleeping in the same room. They are going through that stage where they are afraid of just about everything. And I mean, everything that could possible go wrong in the world. (Eg. Leah watched a fire safety video at school and she's now convinced of a fire in our house.) And sleeping together makes them feel safer.

When we had the bunk beds, this was convenient. But since we got the daybed, Leah's been sleeping on a mattress on the floor... Not awesome. So, this weekend it was time to make this sleeping arrangement permanent.

It wasn't easy, because that bed was pretty tough to move, but after a day's work, Leah has a real bed. Hooray! And after a sleepover the night before, she was more than ready to use it.

The Beds All Lined Up!
It's too bad this room isn't a little larger -- when my sister I shared a room we had enough space to run the dressers down the middle. But, I guess at that point, we didn't really have the option to NOT be roommates.

We've been talking about making Leah's room the "play room" and it's pretty big once that bed was out. It's a disaster area, so I refuse to share pictures. Give me a few days to sort it all out.

Sweet dreams! 

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