Friday, March 24, 2017

Packing for 7 Days in London

When packing for a long trip, I have a few strategies: First, I usually stay within a similar color family so it's easy to mix and match, depending on my mood and the weather. I only pack a few pants because they can be worn again. And I like button down shirts because their sleeves can be rolled up if it gets warm or, as I wear a tanktop base layer, can be unbuttoned or tied around my waist.

Also, I pick out newer or favorite items from my closet that are comfortable and will make me look decent in photos. Lastly, I consider what the activities are for the week and plan accordingly. We may see a show, so the swan dress with tights will make a great theater look. Or I can wear the navy leggings, if it's chilly.

Lastly, I know darn well that I will buy clothes when vacationing in a city, especially London. So there's even more incentive to pack light, as I'll be adding whatever I buy along the way.

Here's the contents of my suitcase for seven days in London and some links. Some items are older and no longer available at the stores.

First Row: Straight-leg jeans from J Crew with two J Crew boy fit shirts in olive green and blue plaid.

Second Row: Hutton Pants from Cabi, Cabi swing sweater and a J Crew denim button down.

Third Row: Navy leggings from Cabi, J Crew denim dress and fabulous swan dress/statement piece from a boutique in Spain. I'll pack navy tights, too.

Fourth Row: PJs, tank tops as an underlayer, stripped swimsuit from Garnett Hill, and three t-shirts.

Last Row: Nike grey sneakers, Born leather flats, trench from Zara purchased in Madrid, floral scarf from Loft and Patagonia sweater/jacket layer.

Not shown: Undergarments, tights, belt, little pedi socks and a pair of thick socks for the hotel.

Plane outfit: The navy leggings and denim dress/tunic and grey sneakers. I'll use the scarf as a little blanket and stuff the trench in a carryon until we land.

(It occurred to me as I was laying everything out the inspiration posts I was looking at featured either screenshots of clothes from the stores or maybe they were shooting them on a white background. I'm much less low tech.)

(Also, this may be the nerdiest yet most fun thing I've done for a blog post. And don't be surprised if you see the girls' clothes and/or my carryon next.)

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