Wednesday, November 9, 2016

This Weekend's Car and Tile Crisis Answered

All week I've been looking at tile and flooring and cars.

And on Saturday, all my questions were answered.

First, we test-drove the Subaru Crosstrek, which I was impressed with. It drives better than the Outback we owned eight years ago and the seats are just as comfortable as I remember them. However, no climate control or navi system. Plus, the sunroof is tiny and Alice had a major problem with no center console in the backseat. "Where will I put my head when I want to nap?" But, given all the pros/cons, this is probably the car we'll go with once we unload our VW sport wagon (hopefully soon).

The only question is color: desert khaki or quartz blue pearl?

Next, we went to Floor & Decor, which I'd been hearing is THE place to go for good deals on, well, floor and tile. That rumor proved to be true, as we got a great deal on tile flooring for the bathroom, found a wall tile I really liked and talked to a pro about flooring for the larger (900 sq ft!) room.

Here's the sample of the flooring we liked best with my "inspiration" colors.

Last week's basement and car worries are now a thing of the past.

I do, however, have new worries.... so, there's no rest for the home improvement gal this week.

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