Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Today is the Day We See History Made

Not to get all political on this blog... but holy hell this is a biggie.

I mean, every election is history in the making, right? But this one, whoa! blows them all out of the water. I have lost all perspective. As a feminist, mother of daughters, fan of suffragette history -- I mean, it just doesn't get bigger.

I'll say this: If you were just looking at the resume of these two presidential candidates, because you live under a rock and haven't seen any of the media coverage at all, you'd laugh. The choice would be so simple it would be ludicrous.

In one corner, a person who has held public office and has worked on policy for decades. Or a person who is a business person and reality TV star who has filed for bankruptcy a few times, and has never-ever held public office. And U.S. President is the highest PUBLIC OFFICE position you can hold (in case that's not totally clear.) It's like hiring a plumber to be the CEO of Apple.

Ok, so throw in the first women president in our 200+ history and it's pretty amazing, right?

Well, anyway, just go VOTE because it's your JOB as an American citizen. Democracy is, sure, arguably not a perfect system but it's all we've got -- so participate. Geez.

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