Thursday, July 28, 2016

History Made!

I have a treasured memory of walking across the public library lawn on a sunny but slightly chilly November day in 1984 holding my Mom's hand.

The reason I know this date is because we were heading to the polling place to vote for Walter Mondale for President.

I was only 8-years-old, but I remember clearly the feelings of that afternoon. Mom was jubilant. Excited. Proud. She was voting for a female vice president - Geraldine Ferraro. This was big.

I think she may have even been a bit teary. Maybe my hazy memory is just upping the drama. I really should ask her about it.

She was voting for a woman in a presidential election, can you imagine!?

The only talk I can recall is her teaching me not to tell anyone who you're voting for; it was a secret. And my elementary-school brain LOVED secrets.

Anyway, she was so happy we might have gotten a treat at Dairy Queen afterwards, but, again, I might just be making that part up.

I am beyond excited/proud/jubilant to take MY girls with me to vote in November. We're voting for a woman president, can you imagine?!  

History made. 

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