Thursday, February 16, 2017

Serendipity and Other London Plans

How crazy is this?! We booked our spring break for London months ago when the prices were so good to Europe we couldn't resist. We're about a month away and I'm starting to plan. And for years I've followed Londoner Deliciously Ella on Instagram (she has an interesting health story), so I was certain that I wanted to visit her Mae Deli while in London.

Well lo and behold our hotel is just two blocks from the deli. How's that for serendipity!?

Honestly, we booked that hotel for two reasons; proximity to the tube/Hyde Park and for its indoor pool (the girls want to swim for Spring Break, understandably). Yippee!

Other sites on my long list: The British Museum, The Tower (we missed last year in our one day London lollapalooza), Liberty London, St. Paul's, Kensington Palace and any other castle/palace/museum I can drag my family to.

More London planning posts to come.

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