Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Parenting Tip #5 - Stop Being Parents for Awhile

It's been said over and over again but there's really nothing better than taking some time away from your life and kids and just getting away with your spouse. Sounds obvious, right?

Working on the marriage is important, letting the kids fend for themselves with a different supervising adult (in our case it was my Mom) is a great experience and getting away from the day-to-day -- and especially WINTER -- is therapeutic.

We just got back from a long weekend with life-long friends in Puerto Rico and it was delightful. The kids had a great weekend with Nana and we had some dedicated time to relax, reconnect and let loose. Drinks, laughter, swearing and doing next to nothing were the themes of the weekend.

I'm back with a sunburn and a ton of tasks but feeling more clear-headed than before. Ready to get it all done.

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