Wednesday, February 1, 2017

What I'm Digging This Week ... end of January Edition

Gosh, it's been awhile since I've listed out all the things I'm totally digging these days. Yikes! Since I'm home full-time, the list is slightly different (no audiobooks, as I'm not commuting more than an hour each day), but it's still me.

In my continuing quest to tap-into the creative parts of my brain that have been on lockdown for so long, I've been experimenting with doodle drawing and lettering. I've never been good at drawing but the doodles are simple line drawings that make it simple to eye. I may even get out the watercolor!

At night I've been reading the Clarice Bean chapter book series by Lauren Child to the girls. We all love it. Clarice has a similar voice as Junie B. and Violet Mackeral, that's childish and funny (in a good way) but she's also got good advice to share. We're having fun discussing the plot points and what might happen next. And having a chapter book waiting for me at bedtime makes the routine go much more smoothly, because there's no discussion on what to read tonight.

I was recently reintroduced to Spanx undergarments and for a recent trip bought a few to smooth out the tummy region. Let's not go into details, but sundresses I'd long given up on I have packed for the trip. So ... glory be to the Spanx.

Alice and Leah's Dollies
As mentioned in a post weeks ago, I've always wanted to make dollies for my girls but the skill of creating doll forms is well beyond my sewing talents. Thanks to Etsy, that doesn't have to stop me. Katie's Dolls is a shop that sells doll forms in a few shapes and sizes at a reasonable price. So all you have to do is sew the face and some clothes. I created two in December and will be trying my hand at two more in the Spring.

I've started researching places to visit during our Spring Break trip to London. We took the girls to London for about one day last year, as part of our Paris trip, and we only got a small taste. To start, we're not going to miss the Tower of London (we arrived just as it closed last year) and we can skip the changing of the guard at Buckingham, which takes hours!

Lastly, just a shout-out to the stay-at-home Moms I've talk to who fervently correct me when I say I'm between jobs. I have a job, I'm a Mom, and that's full-time employment with long hours and little pay. There's such a sisterhood in the SAHM world that I never noticed and I'm thankful for those reminders. Oh the lessons I'm learning during this at-home sabbatical.

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