Thursday, May 18, 2017

The Fireplace Project - Demo Day

After an attempt to pull up the tile in front of the fireplace with just the tools I had around the house, I knew I had to bring in the big guns. So on Tuesday I rented an 11 lbs hammer drill from Home Depot and within two hours that tile was UP.

Before Photo: That One Tile Took Me An Hour To Get Up

That's the Drill I Was Working With! Woowza! 
 I quickly learned it was all about finding the right angle of the chisel. I also learned that I had to stop after each row to sweep up the broken tile and dust. That was by far the worst part of the whole project. The house is now covered in tile dust.
Me With All The Protection!
The Finished Area!

For the four-hour rental, I spent about $46. But I got that tile up and that space cleared for something new. Now the question is WHAT to put down there?? And how??

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