Monday, November 11, 2013

Adventures in the Big Apple

Mercer Street
My weekend in New York City started with drinks with an old friend who loves in TriBeCa. We became fast friends years ago when we realize we read the same sappy/crazy young adult novels, and are both the mother of two girls. We drank wine/cider, snacked on bruschetta and talked books, work, parenting and more. There was much giggling.

The next day, Dave and I roamed SoHo -- hitting some of my favorite boutiques and shops (Mariebelle, Purl, Scholastic Store, etc.). This includes the Orla Kiely shop where I don't so much as purchase but pay homage to the designer and her products. Had there been an alter, I might have fallen prostrate before it. Such is my zeal.

We then enjoyed lunch at Bread on Broome Street, a favorite lunch spot back in the days when I worked in the neighborhood. The house tomato soup continues to be the best EVER. And with the rapid change that often happens in a city, it's nice when things stay the same. 

That evening, while Dave was off enjoying a very expensive all-star, fundraising event, I met up with BFF Sonja and her boyfriend John. We dined on savory German food at the Neue gallery and got caught up on life's big events. They were in Ireland this Spring and had an enchanted time.

Than we wandered the Impressionist rooms at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. I checked in with Degas's 14-Year-Old Dancer statue (Marie) -- my own personal touchstone. (There's usually a silent conversation/check-in between the two of us, and no, it's not normal.)

The Smith
I love the Met at night. And what is it about a museum that makes you feel full? Not physically. Not like eating too much, but feeling like a reservoir somewhere inside gets filled up with all the beauty you bear witness to on the walls of a museum -- that you feel sated. Awe-fulled. Fulfilled. 

Our last morning, after lazing around in bed -- having no daughters to rush us to breakfast -- we dressed, packed and headed out to brunch at The Smith on First Street, where the food is beautiful and the atmosphere is retro and cool. The day had the potential to be a beautiful, warm fall day with sun and 50s -- so we were sad to have to go. 

After a walk around the block, we gathered our overstuffed luggage and headed off to the airport -- hopefully more relaxed and ready for another crazed week.

Next year, I'm going to attempt to add a day. Two just isn't enough.

More Instagramed Photos:

Tomato Soup at Bread - YUM!

Aztec Hot Chocolate at Mariebelle

Fabrics from Purl - So Beautiful

The Waldorf-Astoria - Home Base

The Bathroom Sign at The Smith

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