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A Real Piano. Really Really!

Ever since Leah was born we thought "someday, she's going take piano lessons." It's good for her development, math skills and focus. Plus, the ability to read music is a skill we both wish we studied.

Last year, my Mom gave us the electric keyboard my sister learned on when we were growing up. It's a favorite toy for the girls and they often put on impromptu concerts. And we'd be OK with starting lessons on it.

But, wouldn't it be COOL to have a REAL piano?

Dave's Mom has one that belonged to her mom. We asked repeatedly for it but she's attached to it. She likes to hear the grandkids bang on it when we're over. And when we left the state, it became completely unattainable.

And have you SEEN the prices for upright pianos? Thousands for a new one. Hundreds and hundreds for used ones. Even on Craig's List! And you have to tack on moving and tuning expenses. Not in the budget.

So, when I saw someone on our neighborhood bulletin board "giving away" a piano -- for FREE -- I jumped on it. I saw it on Friday. It's not the prettiest piano on the block but it's an eye sore. It's in good working order, and was well-loved. The lady selling it got it from another neighbor for free, so she didn't want to charge for it. Just paying it forward.

I got some estimates on piano movers and tuners -- and it all seemed reasonable. Under $200. For a PIANO.

It's getting delivered on Tuesday.

Pictures (and happy dance) to follow.

Piano lessons sign-up, also to follow.


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Of course I wanted to hang them in our home when we returned.

The electrician we worked with in our bathroom said we'd need new hardware, as European electric standards are different than the U.S. They recommended these pendants that fit perfectly in the shades. And the electrician spent is last hour here hanging these three lights.

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Even though I've never ever been to the east coast. And certainly never ever been to Rhode Island. And I don't even have any family or friends there. It's completely foreign to me.

And I've never been on a train before but the ticket to Rhode Island was cheaper than air travel (though, this was pre-google so I had a hard time making that comparison), despite it taking two days of travel. It just sounded more "romantic."

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