Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Art Wall WITH a TV...Just Like Mine

You guys, how cool is this?!

One of the cutest decorators that I follow (Emily Henderson) helped redesigned an apartment of one of the bloggers I follow (Cup of Jo) -- and that's not even the cool part. It's a teeny apartment in NYC -- with lots of windows and there are lots of cool ideas for small spaces, etc. Including ...

TA-DA! An Art Wall Behind the TV...

Art Wall!
I'm not saying I invented the concept -- I probably gleaned it from a book or HGTV show (possibly even Emily's) but it's what I was going for, for sure. Sometimes I just don't know my own decorating genius until I see other people do it, too. Sigh.

My Art Wall With TV
Even her explanation is exactly what I was thinking:
Pretend like the TV isn’t there and just have an awesome art wall. Place the TV in front of it (ideally in front of a piece of art that has a lot of simple information) and take away the importance of the TV. It’s as if we were all, fine, we can put the TV here but the art is really what we care about. 


Though, she should have painted the wall blue, no?

Go here to see the full makeover. It's really awesome!

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