Thursday, November 21, 2013

Button-Down Collars DIY

I love the look of button down collars. I think they just look cleaner and more put together. I used to only buy collars with buttons -- until I figured out I could quickly sew on my own buttons. I don't even need to make a button hole because I'm not unbuttoning them, making them even quicker. Here's the seriously easy directions.
The Shirt!
Here's my new flannel shirt (aside: aren't you so glad flannel shirts are back? I'm ready to relive the glory of my grunge days) and the collar is just flopping around, willy-nilly.

Extra Buttons
Usually, there are extra buttons but, unfortunately, never the same size. 

Sleeve With Buttons
Luckily, you can usually find a gratuitous button elsewhere on the shirt. Check the sleeves. Do you need this many buttons on a shirt you'll likely roll up the sleeves? Nah. I prefer the smaller buttons, usually not right on the cuff but up the sleeve a bit. 

Hold down the collar and sew directly into the shirt making sure the collar sits flat and the buttons are at about the same part of the point. Use the same color thread as the other buttons, obviously. 

Another Example of My Handiwork
Another finished product. You'd never know the buttons weren't originally part of the shirt. And it's a crisper look, no?

Happy sewing!

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