Monday, December 30, 2013

First Days With Benny

Benny Boy! 
The day before ALL my family arrived at my house, we picked up our new, adopted Beagle, who we named Benny.

And in the last month, he's been through a lot of change -- with the transition from the lab to the foster house to our house. (PTSD, maybe?) Not to mention the house swelled to 14 people (5 of whom were under the age of 7) and then dropped back to four. So, he continues to be skittish and anxious about, well, everything!

The good thing is he doesn't bark much, doesn't chew or bite. He'd only had a few accidents in the house and he's pretty content to be around people and have a LARGE place to roam around. He liked all the little girls, but he continues to like ME the best. Ha!

Because of all this anxiety he paces quite a bit. At first, we were sure he was looking for the foster mom. Then, he paced for a place to hang out. Now that everyone is gone, he seems to be looking for all the people. Once we get in our weekly routine, we're hoping he'll settle in, too.

We're pretty sure his play area was restrictive in the labs, because he runs around the backyard like he's never really run before. Ever. He's also enjoys laps around the middle of our house at top speed. It's pretty great.

He's also got a bad ass tattoo in his ear with his lab number, which they've changed to 8s so we can't ever find out what he was tested with. Regardless, it gets him a lot of attention from the ladies. Ahh.

So far, so good.

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