Saturday, March 22, 2014

Open Season on Painting!

Today I decree that painting season is officially open! First day of spring was this week. And, hey, it's the first Saturday all year that it's above freezing (a balmy 43*) and not snowing. So I packed my crew into the car and headed off to Home Depot for supplies.

Painting the foyer white is Step 1 in my framing/molding project. I taped to the top of the current framing schematics and laid down the base coat of glorious white. (And got rid of that awful blue-green sample I didn't like one bit.)

BEFORE: The Foyer Prepped for Paint
... And, while I had the white paint out, I said "why not paint the arch and wall that lead to the back hallway..."  

The Back Hallway: The Arch was Soooo Dirty
From Hauling Stuff in From the Garage
But, once we got started, it was impossible to stop -- and we went around the corner and across to the basement stairs. I kept thinking, the more we do ourselves, the less the professional painters (who we'll need to paint up into the two-story-tall areas in the family room and foyer -- I don't own scaffolding) will have to charge us. 

First Coat: Seriously, How GOOD Does the Navy Look
Next to the White. I'm Swooning! 
Every wall that beige gets painted over is a happy triumph for me. So I'm dancing with delight!

It's been a long winter with no paintbrush in my hand.

After pictures coming soon ....

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