Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Blown Away by Star Wars

Here's the thing ... I'm by no means a Star Wars nerd. I generally find hardcore sci-fi stories a little remote and I always thought the plot of the Star Wars movies were hard to follow, with too many holes/questions. But I really do like the characters a lot -- you can't go wrong with an orphaned hero (Luke), a sarcastic rogue (Han) and a superstar princess (Leia) all banding together to fight evil.  I just always wished they were all in a better story.

But I live with a nerd and we did talk about what the new Star Wars movies were going to be about, especially with the genius storytelling of JJ Abrams and Joss Whedon (Alias and Buffy: How could this go wrong?). And he did buy tickets months in advanced, so I did book a babysitter and we met up with friends to see it who are equally enthusiastic.

And the amazing thing about living where we do is the movie theater wasn't annoyingly crowded and we got our favorite seats. And ate peanut M&Ms that I snuck in and ... were completely blown away by this new movie.

It. Was. Awesome. 

The storytelling was excellent and pacing of the action with the exposition was fantastic. The mixing of the old characters with the new was brilliant. There were a ton of homages to the earlier movies -- more than I picked up on, I'm sure. But enough of the new characters that even if you just knew the basics of the Star Wars pantheon, you wouldn't be lost. It was funny and packed with adventure and action. And a few good twists that I'm glad weren't spoiled for me by social media.

Star Wars The Force Awakens
I'm not at all surprised by the BOAT LOADS of money this movie is making and will look forward to see the statistics of return viewers -- because everyone I've talked to has all agreed they need to see it again. And possibly again.

Dave will bring the girls out to see this week.

And maybe we'll see it next week when my family is visiting.

Yup, that good. Go see it.

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