Saturday, December 5, 2015

Songs That Make Me Cry

It doesn't take much to make me cry. In fact, I'd make a great soap opera actress because I can produce tears on command. So, of course I cried when I saw the new Adele "Hello" video. She digs so deep into that well of longing and regret that I can't help being swept up in the emotion. Which got me to thinking about all the other songs that will abruptly come up on my Pandora station at work or in the car and I'm reduced to tears.
  • I Hope You Dance -- I don't often listen to country stations so Lee Ann Womack doesn't blindside me too often but you'd have to be dead inside not to get weepy at this tune. 
  • Make You Feel My Love  -- This is originally Bob Dylan but Adele does a fantastic version, though I'm partial to the way Tim McGraw sings it.
  • My City of Ruin -- This takes me back to Bruce's 9/11 TV performance which I sobbed through. Like any good Bruce song, it's timeless and universal and sad and hopeful all wrapped up together.
  • Imagine -- But only the slow John Lennon version. Eddie Vedder recently covered this tune and it's the worst thing he's ever done. No, Eddie. No. 
  • Let It Be -- For me, it's all about the mother Mary line. My heart breaks for Paul every time. 
  • This Women's Work - Because I'm a child of the 80s and remember the raw emotion of this scene in She's Having a Baby despite not really understanding what a cesarian section was. OMG, the tear drop with the blood drop?! 
  • Arms of an Angel -- I know most people would go with I Will Remember You for Sarah McLachlan, which is a pretty sad. But this one is 100x more depressing. I can't do much more than lay down when I hear this song. 
  • I Shall Believe - This Sheryl Crow song is basically about telling her it's all going to work out even though it's a big fat lie. Gah. 
  • True Colors - I used to sing this Cyndi Lauper song to my girls as a lullaby and by the end I'd be all misty. Be true to yourself. Sniff.   
Did I miss any? 

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