Monday, December 14, 2015

Introducing the Girls to Harry Potter

Last night I started Chapter 1 of Harry Potter. I'm reading it to the girls before bed. Of course I read it years ago when it first came out. And all the books in the series. But it's been a while since I cracked open the first book.

On Sunday, for the last night of Hanukkah, the girls opened this new illustrated edition of Harry Potter (and it's absolutely beautiful!). And we told them about our vacation to Universal Studios in Orlando in February. YAY! And that we'd read the book to prepare for our visit to Harry Potter world.

They were way more excited about the trip than the book.

Leah knows a bit about Harry Potter, a lot of her pals have read it. She told me yesterday there's even a Harry Potter book club at her school. But she's just got no idea what it's about.

Anyway, I had to stop reading twice to control the tears that began to well up when they introduced Lily and James. And then when Albus arrived on Privet Lane.

Tonight, the letters begin to arrive to the cupboard under the stairs.

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