Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Going to Philly For a Cookie

This year we flew into Philadelphia and drove to my in-law's house in New Jersey for Thanksgiving because we got a great deal on the airfare.

Also an added plus: we spent a night in a hotel in downtown Philly the night before we flew out. Did we see some of the amazing historic sights there? Not really, though we DID see the Liberty Bell on the way to the airport. (It's really small!)

No, the main event for us was a visit to the Reading Terminal Market for the BEST COOKIE EVER. Dave talks about these cookies all year and when we get a chance to be in Philly, this is the first place we go. The stall is all the way in the back corner. It's called Hope's Cookies at the Pennsylvania General Store. At the end of the day each cookie is $1. We bought more than enough and not a crumb went uneaten. (Go there, you will not be sorry.)

In addition, there's a bunch of other seriously delicious food stuffs here. So we split a grilled cheese sandwich -- amazing.

At Reading Terminal Market - Food Heaven
After, we hit the Christmas Village set up in the Peace Square just up the street and perused all the vendor's lovely wares. For dinner, we hit Marathon Grill on Sansom Street just around the corner from our hotel. Very yummy, as well.

What?! We like to eat!

Philadelphia is a very simple city to walk to around in.

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