Monday, June 13, 2016

Currently Obsessed With ... June Edition

Here's what I'm currently loving ...

The Man From U.N.C.L.E. -- this movie was on my must-see list since it came out: the two main actors are SUPER HOT, it's a Guy Richie movie and they are always quotable (we trade quotes from Snatch almost daily) and what's more fun than the Cold War?! Oh, and I'm a sucker for Hugh Grant. But David thought it looked boring, so we didn't go.

Then, David saw it on a plane without me and said it was "boring."

So I waited.

Finally it's out on HBO and I made time to watch it ... and I thought it was awesome. Sure, it's missing all the intensity of the new Bond/superhero movies, but it's fun and Oh! the eye candy all around. Lots of expensive suits and cool Italian cars.

The one thing I would add -- just one shirtless scene. Is that too much to ask?

It's S'Well! It Really Is!
My S'well bottle - I don't know what witchcraft is at work but the water in this bottle stays cold, as advertised, without ice and doesn't condensate all over the place. I've left it in my hot car for several hours and it was still chilly. How??!!!!

Free Weekday Nights! - With Hebrew school, soccer and dance all ending in the last few weeks our weekday nights have opened right up. Gone are the days of taxiing kids to after-school activities. Back are the nights of home-cooked meals! Playing games! Evening reading! And going out for walks after dinner! I'm so glad I opted not to sign up the kids for any evening activities this summer. The nights are all ours!

"Girl Crush" by Little Big Town - If it's my turn to pick a song, this is the one I'm opting for because it's slow and sweet and makes me feel a little blue. You think it's about a women who is crushing on another girl and her style. But no, it's about a cheatin' man. (Little Big Town is a country music group, after all.)

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