Monday, June 20, 2016

Strawberry Day 2016

Berries By the Barrel
I have started a new tradition this year ... Strawberry Day.

Here in the midwest, strawberry season is about 3 weeks max -- that's it. It's not a lot of time to celebrate my favorite fruit. And there is nothing like the taste of a strawberry at peak of the season, picked fresh from the plant on a sunny June day. Nothing. 

A whole series of poetry could be written about fresh-picked strawberries. 

So, when I got wind this weekend was the peak of the peak, I declared it Strawberry Day! In a nutshell, the day is like this: We head to the strawberry patch as early in the morning as possible -- can't let the best strawberries get picked. Then, back to my house to make all the glorious things from strawberries: shortcake, waffles with whipped cream, angel food cake with strawberry sauce and ... fresh strawberry ice cream. And freeze a good portion for smoothies and cobblers later. 

A brief aside: if you have not sampled fresh, homemade strawberry ice cream, it's heaven in a bowl.

The day was a success and let's just say we have a fridge bursting with glorious red fruit and I'm not at all ashamed. We'll all be eating strawberries for days and day -- because, let's face it, those babies will go bad in a blink of an eye. 

Ready to Pick. Alice Insisted We All Wear Red

Leah and Reid in the Rows of Berries

Soo Many Berries! They Kept Comparing Buckets

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