Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Framing Done in the Basement Project

We can check Framing off our to-do list, because I just approved it. Hooray!

This is a pretty cool phase, as all the shapes of the rooms and ceilings are on full display. The ceiling has soffits around the venting and walls are clearly defined. There were a few difficult spots the contractor made some clever fixes to, but all in all it was straightforward.

Rough plumbing is also complete. And electrical is just a tad behind, but they're moving pretty quickly to get it done by next week so they can get the village over to pass rough inspection.

A Look at the Long Room

Door to the Storage Room and New Bedroom
Next week they will be working on insulation and getting ready for drywall. On my to-do list is contact the painter to schedule his work and buy the wood for the vanity.

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